Thinking Into Results

Manifest In Your Life With Ease

Because of this exact program, I have been able to massively alter every aspect of life- and I want to help you do the same.

Including my wealth, health, relationships

... and my family!

Four Months for Radical Transformation​


Even now, despite the added stress happening in the world ...


Because now more than ever is your time to show up for
yourself at this next level.

You're capable of more than the current results you are seeing, and I want to walk you through the exact blueprint I used to completely change my life.


There was a time in my life where I was so busy taking care of everyone else that I put myself, my wants, and desires on the back burner again.


I know you can relate to this

I want something different for you this year...


I want this is to be the year of you, where you
completely transform your:
income, your business, and your lifestyle


I want you to take your dream trip with your family (more than once),

buy the car, build the home, create that 6 figure and multi 6 figure income.  

I want you to look back on this moment right here and be so glad you took that leap of faith and decided to work on yourself and goals.  Because I remember that same moment in my life like it was yesterday 

I'm sharing the exact blueprint that took me from over $100k in debt to creating a 7 figure business and helped me create a life beyond my wildest dreams  

ABOUT Danielle

From struggling entrepreneur with bits of success to

6 figure per month earner


A little bit about me, I was you... I reflected year after year reflecting saying wow... I am leaving this year the same way as I started.

None of my goals met, further in debt then I was before, and my relationships were not at the place I wanted them to be. 

I kept saying, this was going to be my year... I am going to get out of debt and be more for my family.  But then the same thing would happen, I would let negative thoughts creep in, I would spin my wheels trying to achieve my goals, and then I would say maybe later.


Later came and I would tell myself the same story, maybe I am not cut out for more, maybe everyone is struggling and no one is meant to have more abundance in their life. 

Finally, I decided enough was enough and got the mentorship I needed. They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears... and this couldn't be more true.  Through my coach, I was able to get the exact roadmap I needed to not only change my current circumstances but, know exactly how to go after all future goals for myself as well.  My income skyrocketed, the debt disappeared, we had more time freedom to be with our family, my relationships completely turned around, I travelled a lot (and still do)... and now, I want to help the next person up.  Maybe that's why I was on the path and experienced the things I did..

Here we are and now it's time to write your success story in 2020!


Are you ready to reclaim your life?

With this specialized program, we will work intensively to establish your goals, work on your mindset, and overcome any limiting beliefs that have been stopping you currently. 

You will also be guided to curate a plan to take intuitive action in achieving your dreams. 

There are two options for this program to help you reach that next level of success. 


I'm ready to have it all!


Two payment options to choose from

Save $900


One Time Payment

$4997 USD


Payment Plan

$1497/mth for 4 mths

For limited time

save $500 on your

first installment


what you get

Lifetime access to world-renowned Thinking Into Results program created by Bob Proctor & Sandy Gallagher, comprised of 12 transformative lessons from Bob Proctor based on his 60 years of experience.

200 page workbook with supplemental lessons and intentional questions designed to lead you through the road map to your goals



4-month access to:

Success Society Online Community where you will be surrounded by our incredible community of big thinkers.  Inspire and be inspired, support and be supported.  

Weekly Success Checkpoint group calls with Team Danielle Success Ambassadors.  Ask questions, stay on track, reach your goals.

Recordings of Danielle's personal teachings of the TIR lessons.  Go deeper with each of the 12 TIR lessons as Danielle reviews and applies the lessons to your everyday life and business.

6 AM Study Club. Stay accountable to your TIR program with a community of likeminded TIR students sharing aha's and takeaways from your lessons each day


Monthly Q&A Open Office Hours with Danielle.  Each month Danielle answers your questions live about your TIR lessons, how to apply them to your life and business and much more.



Prosperous U mini-course.  Eight video bundle focused on step into the new, high-level version of YOU.  Includes workbook and journaling exercises.

At the end of your 4 months graduate to the next level of TIR and work more closely with Danielle for an additional 3 months

Looking to go deeper? Checkout TIR: Coaching Mentorship *

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What Others Are Saying
"For the first time in my life I can say without one fraction of a doubt that I will achieve anything that I want"
While I loved reading all the books and attending various conferences, there was still something that was holding me back from achieving the results that I wanted. Through studying Thinking into Results, my awareness has changed immensely. I have grown so much as a leader, as a mom, a wife, and friend, but mostly, through this work I have discovered my passions and my purpose and am continuing to become the best version of myself. I know exactly what I am here to do and am on fire with passion and purpose. And for the first time in my life I can say without one fraction of a doubt that I will achieve anything that I want. It isn't this or that, it is this and that, and it gets to be easy! 
- Kayleigh
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Julie S.jpg
"I learned tools to take control of my life and helped me get direction I've never had"
Enrolling in Thinking Into Results with Danielle has changed my life. I realized I had so many limiting beliefs that weren’t based on truth at all. I learned tools to take control of my life and helped me get direction I’ve never had. I’m in the process of changing my career to build a business on my terms, my relationship with my husband has improved immensely and I have been able to move through what has been a very difficult year for some with optimism and gratitude. I’m so grateful for finding this program and for Danielle and all the energy and value she gives to this community. It is unparalleled!
- Wendy
Working smarter not harder.

My clients often say in the beginning before they find this program they are spinning their wheels.  Wanting to achieve all the goals that are keeping them awake at night.  They sense that something is missing it may be doubt, fear oh what if it doesn't work, what if I am not meant for more, anxiety that there will never be more, or emptiness before they committed to coaching. Emotions like this often manifest unwanted outcomes and behaviours, and it is time to change this in 2020.   

My mission is to help you shift...

Shift into the mindset that will work with you in achieving your dreams and desires, to make the life-altering leap to more abundance in every aspect of your life. I fully believe that you can have whatever it is that you desire.  It's all about establishing that belief within yourself, and I will hold the space and support you on this journey. 

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