Thinking Into Results

Manifest In Your Life With Ease

Because of this exact program, I have been able to massively alter every aspect of life
and I want to help you do the same.

Including my wealth, health,
and my family!

6 Months for Radical Transformation


Even now, despite the added stress happening in the world...


Because now more than ever is your time
to show up for 
yourself at this next level.

You're capable of more than the current results you are seeing, and I want to walk you through
the exact blueprint I used to completely change my life.


There was a time in my life where I was so busy taking care of everyone else
that I put myself, my wants, and my desires on the back burner again.


I know you can relate to this

I want something different for you this year...


I want this is to be the year of you,
where you completely transform your:
income, your business, and your lifestyle


I want you to take your dream trip with your family (more than once),

buy the car, build the home, create that 6-figure and multi 6-figure income.  

I want you to look back on this moment right here and be so glad you took that leap of faith and decided to work on yourself and goals.  Because I remember that same moment in my life like it was yesterday 

I'm sharing the exact blueprint that took me from over $100k in debt
to creating a 7 figure business and helped me create a life beyond my wildest dreams  


Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Life?

With this specialized program, we will work intensively to establish your goals, work on your mindset, and overcome any limiting beliefs that have been stopping you currently. 

You will also be guided to curate a plan to take intuitive action in achieving your dreams. 

There are two options for this program to help you reach that next level of success. 

Thinking Into Results:
 Coaching Mentorship 


This exceptionally designed program is presented in twelve relevant, simple and practical lessons, to ensure that the success mindset becomes a

part of each person's thinking and actions.

This leads to the results the person wants most in life.


What You Get

 Lifetime Access to:

  • Thinking Into Results digital program by Bob Proctor

  • 200-page workbook


6-Month Access to:


  • Online peer to peer Facebook community

  • Daily Study Clubs

  • Getting Organized call

  • Laser Group Coaching call

  • Weekly Open Office Q+A with Danielle

  • Weekly teaching webinar with Danielle

  • Weekly Success Checkpoint call with your Success Ambassador

  • Bi-weekly Community Shamanic Healings
    with Tina Bishai for the year of 2022

  • Bi-weekly Mastermind group

  • Monthly group coaching call with Danielle

  • Guest Speakers and Bonus training

  • Networking with the Social Club

  • Exclusive Client Portal

  • Bonus: Prosperous U training

  • Bonus: Book readings by Danielle


I am a firm believer that you are like the top five people you spend the most time with so spend it with others who are achieving their goals too


*Approximately every 4-months there is one week of no calls, this is used as an implementation week.
In December, the schedule changes as we do Clearing and Cutting as a community.

* Looking to go even deeper? Apply for the TIR Elite Coaching Program

Your Investment

Start creating your abundance today

Join this powerful 6-month program today

Choose from:

  • 6 payments of $1,990 (total of $11,940) OR

  • 1 payment of $9,995 (savings of $1,945)

What Others Are Saying
"It is life changing and I can't wait to see what is next"

As women we have the tendency to put others before ourselves; our children, our parents, our partners and our friends. We often lose sight of who we are and our goals get pushed to the side.  

Before Thinking Into Results, I often felt sad, stuck and lost yet I always knew I was supposed to do great things with my life – but what, how? For too many years I searched for who I was supposed to be, tried different careers but always got the same results. I worked too many hours working my full time job and trying to launch my side business with little success.

In September, a good friend of mine felt my struggle and told me about Danielle Amos’s program.  Prosperous U just happened to be starting that week. I didn’t have time to participate, but I did it anyways.  It was incredible, I felt something inside me shift and I soaked up every word Danielle said.  I knew I had to jump into TIR and I am so grateful I did.  Fast forward just 4 months later and our home staging business has tripled in sales, we have new clients reaching out daily and I quit my full time job.  I have big goals and dreams and for the first time in my life, I know I can be, have and do anything I want. TIR has given me the confidence to dream and to “expect abundance”.

Thank you Danielle for empowering me and others to sift through the weeds to help us create who we have the potential to be. It is life changing and I can’t wait to see what is next.

- Lesley
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"When I contacted Danielle, I felt as though she saw me and understood my experiences up until that point"

In 2019 I attended an important retreat within my network marking business where the leaders of our team were invited to mix and mingle, train, celebrate each other and recognize large achievements. During this retreat I had the great pleasure of sitting with another leader in our business and everything about her energy, her story and her successes blew me away. She amazed me so much, I asked her if she would coach me personally. At that time, she informed me that she was working with Danielle Amos and how highly she recommended her. After seeing her results, I was going to do whatever she recommended. This decision changed my life. 

When I contacted Danielle, I felt as though she saw me and understood my experiences up until that point. I immediately signed up for Thinking into Results and never looked back. Between July and December my income had increased by 200%.  It was as though I finally found the answers I was looking for. Everyone seems to know what you NEED to do to be successful, but Danielle is incredible at sharing how to BE successful.  My mindset has grown so much that I don’t recognize my old self anymore. Every situation seems like a band new opportunity to apply what I have learned. Over those 6-7 months, an unexpected side benefit was that my husband and I began acting like newlyweds again. We laughed with each other; we encouraged each other and we were growing 2 (soon to be a couple more) extremely successful businesses.  

As I write this message I just got off a zoom business proposal meeting and confirmed the details of yet another source of income starting immediately.  As Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher and Danielle Amos say, they are not responsible for the many successes we attract but they absolutely give us the map to follow.  If you know you were meant for more, but can’t figure out why it’s not happening for you, this is the program for you. The habits you create through studying this program are life changing and you will want to scream it from the roof tops.  We can have it all. I’m onto studying The New Lead the Field graduate program with Danielle to further grow myself and my results.  Time to open the flood gates of possibility and invest in yourself.


"I now believe in ME and know I will achieve great success"


I started my career in financial services 15 years ago. I have seen success but was trading time for money. I had been able to go on holidays but my phone was always glued to my side and I was constantly worrying about money and the next sale. 

I was introduced to Danielle and Thinking Into Results in July of 2020. I was hesitant to jump in and then Danielle said the magic words....she had read all the books, taken all the seminars and nothing changed . That was me!!!!!! I’m not new to personal development but I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.

Since joining TIR in July I have increased my income 35% by working less, manifested a vacation home in Italy and a brand new Jeep. 

As astonishing as these results are to me, the biggest benefit has been my increase in self confidence. I now believe in ME and know I will achieve great success. I’m so grateful for Thinking Into Results and the incredible mentorship from Danielle. 

- Kelly

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Working smarter not harder.

My clients often say in the beginning before they find this program they are spinning their wheels.  Wanting to achieve all the goals that are keeping them awake at night.  They sense that something is missing it may be doubt, fear oh what if it doesn't work, what if I am not meant for more, anxiety that there will never be more, or emptiness before they committed to coaching. Emotions like this often manifest unwanted outcomes and behaviours, and it is time to change this.  

My mission is to help you shift...

Shift into the mindset that will work with you in achieving your dreams and desires, to make the life-altering leap to more abundance in every aspect of your life. I fully believe that you can have whatever it is that you desire.  It's all about establishing that belief within yourself, and I will hold the space and support you on this journey. 

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